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I remember that it was in the 1960s that our friends Pierre Cochereau and Roger Delmote formed the first “traveling” trumpet and organ duo, because they toured throughout France with a big organ that Cochereau transported in a trailer pulled behind one of his luxurious cars. Their repertoire, as well as that of their colleagues Marie-Claire Alain and Maurice André, was mainly made up of transcriptions. I believe that this is still the case of the majority of trumpet and organ duos.

I thus wanted to write an original work for a young and fraternal duo which is a kind of synthesis of the works in this genre. The title of this Allegro Scherzando Concertante is a friendly homage to the initials of the dedicataires: *C*arson et *C*olby *C*ooman. This is a sort of mini-concerto or a pocket concerto. The role of the organ is much more than a simple accompanist As would have the old concept, there is a kind of discussion between the two brothers, on subjects which change, with agreement, disagreement and finally agreement to the point of finishing on the same short musical phrase.

The work is deliberately tonal and neo-classical. It integrates different secular and sacred musical styles as well as various pastiches and citations which are only slightly veiled. The registration, which is partially fixed, places the trumpet in competition with various organ stops, especially the reeds. There are also, instrument permitting, various traditional effects with the expressive box. It should be indicated, however, that the timbre of the trumpet be mixed as much as possible with that of the organ and that rubato be used moderately (apart from several fermatas which are indicated). This is a joyous work. The short chorale at the end of the first third with its false Gregorian theme in the pedals would never succeed in making the work entirely serious....

Jean-Thierry BOISSEAU

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