for Bb or C Trumpet and Organ

Composed: 7-20 February, 2006

Dedication: "à Carson et Colby Cooman"

Première: 27 March, 2006 Carson and Colby Cooman, Repertoire Seminar: Trumpet and Organ, Rochester Christian Reformed Church, Rochester, NY, USA

duration: ca. 15:00

1. Christ Pancreator (Vélezay)

2. Le Chevalier de Bamberg

3. La Vierge à L'Enfant (Brugès)

4. L'Ange Au Sourire (Reims)

5. Labyrinthe (Amiens)

6. Les Oiseaux et Les Fleurs (Santa Constanza - Rome)

7. Le Dévout Christ (Perpignan)

These seven short pieces were composed between 7-20 February, 2006. They are part of the same project. In writing them, I wanted to honor the sculptors (most of whom are anonymous) of these religious masterpieces, which are moving even to non-believers. These works, whether one likes it or not, are all part of the same cultural universe. I also wished to re-create the uncomplicated expression of "nave faith. " For that reason, they are not without a certain degree of "sentimentality." It would therefore be best not to add even more expression in their interpretation than is absolutely necessary.

Jean-Thierry BOISSEAU

Published by Musik Fabrik Music Publishing

Statuaire for Trumpet in Bb or C and Organ/pour Trompette en Sib ou Ut et Orgue 1695

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