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This “Te Deum” is not a ceremonial work. It is, rather, a short motet on the Latin text of the same name. The work unfolds in a linear manner and the text is sung uniquely by the chorus, without any soloists.

One believes that one has written an extremely simple work and one discovers upon analysing it that the work is a bit more complex than one has imagined. This piece, even if it remains in a liturgical spirit, is also a “concertante” work for organ and chorus. The organ part is extremely important. Even though the choral part is extremely lyric, it remains within the possibilities of good amateur ensembles.

Te Deum begins with an ostinato in the organ which will return, either partially or completely, at the beginning of each of the six sequences (including the final “Amen”), each time in a different key. The work is divided into six different dramatic scenes with a radical change of mood in the middle, produced by a Tutti for reeds in the organ. This is why the registration is so maximal during this passage and hence, the use of a swell box is strongly encouraged.

I wrote this work in a radically tonal style. There are however several passages which produce a tonal uncertainty which I personally find to be especially pleasing.

Te Deum for SATB mixed chorus

Te Deum for SATB mixed chorus and Organ/pour choeur miste SATB et Orgue

pack of six chorus parts/Jeux de six parties chorales 19€95