Canzone for Oboe and Harpsichord :


Duration : ca. 6:00

Notes en français

This work is completely atypical and has the appearance at a first reading of a simple canzone in the manner of Frescobaldi. The reference of the so-called “Baroque” period is expressed through the choice of instruments as well as the way in which the musical ideas are developped.

The correspondence ends there, however. This contrapunctal work is fairly atonal and tends, above, all to create a poetic universe in which the insertion of a short poem by Goethe (which should be spoken by the harpsichordist, either in German or in his own language) would seem to confirm. Therefore this work is a sort of accompanied song or “romance sans paroles” which gives way at the given moment to the autonomous spoken voice, supporting the solo oboe in a kind of fulfillment of the musical process expressed before. The section which follows ends the work logically, as the inevitable submission after the powerful force of the Goethian poetry.

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Canzone for Oboe and Harpsichord/pour Hautbois et Clavecin


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